Drewscape T-shirt design: print on demand

I've released a T-shirt design on my Etsy store. Here is the T-shirt modelled by yours truly, un-ironed and crumpled to show how it would really look after a day of wearing it out from morning till evening!😁

Here is how I put this together. I'm using Gelato to put the design on a premium 100% cotton shirt. When you order it through my Etsy store, Gelato will fulfil the order by getting it produced and mailed to you in just a few days. To make sure you are getting a good quality product, I ordered and paid for one myself to test it out. I'm really happy with the quality of the shirt. I've washed it 4-5 times now and the quality of the shirt and print holds well. I did notice that the shirt length is on the longer side compared to T-shirts from Uniqlo. But it's not a problem. It still fits me fine. Maybe it's a European cutting. The label on the shirt showed that it was manufactured in the Czech Republic. The cotton is soft and fits well, especially around the shoulders. I've also priced it really low so with shipping costs added in, it will still be at a really reasonable price.

If you are interested in ordering one, please do study the shirt sizing provided in the Etsy store link first.