5-minute comic (part 1)

As an experiment, and out of curiosity, I've decided to create 5-minute comics almost every day. Why such a short period of time? I have 2 kids and work to deal with now, so I have even less time. 

I realised that other factors would also affect the quality of output like, time of day, stress levels, and what medium I used. So I decided I'd record that down too. This is my first attempt. Without pre-planning the story in advance, I draw it out in a stream of consciousness or maybe subconsciousness. 

I'm aiming for at least 10 of these exercises. And looking back, maybe I could figure out what is the combination of time limit, time of day, and stress level to produce the most interesting quick comics. Yeah, it's a messy experiment. Maybe nothing will come out of it but I'm gonna learn and have fun along the way!

So I ended up spending 6:47mins on this one in the end.

Then, I decided I wanted to see how much time I would take taking a picture of it, cleaning it up digitally and arranging it. That took 30mins more. And the result is below.