Journaling in code

When I'm journaling in the comic format, I don't really try to censor myself too much. What's the fun in that? I just want my honest thoughts and emotions to flow. That's what makes journaling an enjoyable thing, right? It helps my mind process the events of my life. But oftentimes, I end up with too many personal details in the comic journal, which would make it inappropriate for the public to see.

So what I do now is - put my thoughts into code. Look at this comic I did. Most of the pictures above have a bigger story attached to it. They may not be what they seem to be. I use metaphors or similes. If I'm describing someone I have a conflict with, I could draw the person as a giant or villain. Or course, I do not try to use my blog to attack anyone. Rather, it's about me processing my internal world. Or I could just write a quote I heard from someone. I could also express a want but have a fictional character say it. Drawing another character instead of me helps distance me from the detail. You may try to guess what I mean but only I know what they mean. And that makes journalling this way fun!

As for doing the journalling on paper on digital - It just isn't the same journalling on my iPad, for me. When I journal on paper, it's marks made there and then, in time. And they can't be undone with a control Z. That makes the final outcome less perfect but that is also what allows my thoughts to move on one after another. Or one on top of another. Also, the ink spills and bleeds give me immediate rich textures which would take me much longer to achieve with a digital brush. It also allows me to use all the fountain pens and dip pens I've accumulated over the years! Got to use them, y'know!