How to draw loose - Here are a few ways that work for me

It's mid-October already!

Why do I sketch?

It's good to play

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Not worrying about perfection

Drawing from observation- Why is it a challenge to draw accurately?

Sketchbooks for sale!

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Comic journalling: Recording conversations

A tour of my studio by Teoh (Parka)

Calligraphy marker and Rembrandt chalk pastels

Sept 2023 update

Sketchbook Tour 1 - mixed media & comics

Drewscape T-shirt design: print on demand

Sketching at the lunch table. Using a Pilot Custom Heritage 912 FA nib

Quick sketches on a Sunday morning

Drawing autobiographical comics in real time! (ft. Ollie and Parka)

March 2023 comic journal

Experiments from March 2023


Sketching from the car


Make finished illustrations from random sketches

American Born Chinese (graphic novel) - A study

July-Aug 2023 update (+ a making-of video!)

Doing Better Every Day! comics for the National University Hospital of Singapore (NUH)